Veterinary Dentistry

Our small animal Veterinary Dentistry team offers the following procedures to keep your furry friend’s mouth as healthy as can be:

  • Full pre-anaesthetic examination including blood tests when indicated.
  • Full oral examination and dental scoring.
  • Complete dental hygiene which includes scaling and polishing as well as extractions if indicated.
  • Intra-oral radiography.
  • Local nerve blocks prior to performing extractions.
  • Surgical and non-surgical extractions of diseased teeth.
  • Full mouth extractions (for animals with chronic gingivo-stomatitis).
  • Restorations of enamel defects in viable teeth.

A veterinary nurse and veterinarian are present throughout all procedures, and anaesthetic monitoring is performed using multi-parameter monitors.

The team is also available to provide professional advice on dental home hygiene.