Our Practice


Our equine facility is fully equipped with surgical theatres, an isolation ward as well as facilities to keep your horse boarded until fully recovered. Our doctors have extensive knowledge and experience to look after and care for your horse. Our equine clinic accepts referrals to our highly qualified doctors for surgery, lameness diagnoses, internal medicine and much more.

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24-hour emergency line: 060 469 7378.

Small Animals

Our small animal clinic offers both standard day-to-day veterinary care as well as surgical care. We are as passionate about the well-being of your pet as you are. We believe a healthy pet will lead a longer and fuller life. Please feel welcome to bring your loved pet along for a visit to one of our caring doctors.

24-hour emergency line: 061 101 3909.

Please note that we do not run accounts and therefore your consultation or treatment of your furry friend will be payable at the time of discharge.