We offer a wide range of soft tissue and orthopaedic diagnostic, surgical, and other therapeutic options for horses, including lameness evaluation and diagnosis, general surgical procedures, minimally invasive surgery, general and advanced orthopaedic surgery, and advanced fracture repair.

We carefully evaluate each patient before providing a diagnosis and plan for treating the problem. If surgery is judged to be the best option, we provide the most advanced surgical techniques available, including minimally invasive approaches such as arthroscopy, laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, endoscopic laser surgery, etc. In addition, we use regenerative medicine techniques (stem cells, platelet-rich plasma and bone marrow aspirate concentrate) for treating soft tissue and orthopaedic injuries and joint disease.

Equine surgeons Dr. Andrew Gray and Dr. Sonia Marcos make all decisions regarding the surgical approach and techniques to be used—whether traditional or minimally invasive—with the goal of optimising patient outcome.

General surgical procedures are offered for oncology, dentistry and sinus conditions, upper respiratory disorders, and conditions involving the skin, abdominal, thoracic, reproductive and lower respiratory systems of horses.