Horse Breeding / Equine Reproduction

We provide comprehensive, advanced, diagnostic and therapeutic methods to maximise reproductive efficiency in horses, including semen cryopreservation, low-dose insemination techniques, oocyte transfer.

Dr. Niel Moelich supervises the provision of a range of procedures focused on both mares and stallions.

Mare services:

  • Breeding soundness examination
  • Endometrial biopsy evaluation
  • Treatment of uterine infections
  • Breeding with fresh, cooled, and frozen semen
  • Deep horn or low-dose insemination
  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Twin reduction
  • Management of high-risk pregnancy
  • Obstetrics
  • Management of post-partum disorders
  • Embryo collection for transfer
  • Perineal reconstructive surgery
  • Perineal laceration repair
  • Urethral extension
  • Cervix laceration repair
  • Laser cyst removal

Stallion services:

  • Breeding soundness examination
  • Sperm morphology evaluation
  • Semen collection and processing
    • Fresh semen
    • Cooled semen
    • Frozen semen
  • Chemical induction
  • Computerised sperm motion analysis
  • Training for semen collection
    • Off mare
    • Off phantom
    • Ground collection
  • Assessment of libido problems and ejaculatory failure