Horse / Equine Lameness

We see horses for everything from simple hoof abscesses to complicated and unique lameness problems. Clients can call and come in without a referral or may be referred from other veterinarians for additional diagnostics or opinions.

Additional services provided include a high-quality ultrasound service, digital radiology, and nuclear scintigraphy. We have the only nuclear scintigraphy unit in the Western Cape. We inject radioactive material into the horse’s vein and 3 hours later perform the scintigraphic exam which detects bone inflammation throughout the horse’s body. In addition, within the next year we will be able to offer CT exams to our equine patients. This is a state-of-the-art diagnostic test to assess bony and soft tissue lesions in the horse’s legs that often are not seen on regular radiographs or ultrasound.

The lameness service also works closely with your farrier to provide many services, including simple walk in hoof trimming and shoeing to corrective shoeing for complicated foot problems such as navicular disease, laminitis, whiteline disease and many other foot problems.

We also have a fully qualified animal physiotherapist (Elmine van Rooyen) on staff to provide all the advice and therapy your animal will need.