Academic research

Our team has contributed articles to numerous academic research journals. Click the article title to download the full article text.

Journal of the South African Veterinary Association

Laparoscopic repositioning of chronic gastric volvulus in a dog” by F.G. van Heerden, M.J. Hartman, V. McClure and R.M. Kirberger

Equine Veterinary Education

Case report: Metallic foreign body in the ovary of a broodmare” by P.K. Randleff-Rasmussen and A.S. Gray

Case report: Management of oesophageal rupture by tube feeding through the oesophageal wound” by E.K. Leus and P. Randleff-Rasmussen

Case report: Unilateral polydactyly in two foals” by A. Gray, S. Marcos, A. Thomas and O.M. Lepage

Single transphyseal screws for the correction of moderate to severe angular limb deformities in 28 Thoroughbred foals” by A. Gray, P. Randleff-Rasmussen and O.M. Lepage

Veterinary and Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Long Bone Fractures in Impala (Aepyceros melampus): A Classification System and Review of 55 Cases” by F.G. van Heerden, R.M. Kirberger and M.J. Hartman

Veterinary Dermatology

Long-lasting successful treatment of a donkey with cutaneous lupus erythematous with methotrexate” by M. Mosca, P. Randleff-Rasmussen, N. Milhau, P. Panzuti, M. Meylan, I. Desjardin and D. Pin

Skin lesions in Aubrac cows strongly associated with fly bites (Haematobia irritans)” by M. Mosca, M. Vabret, P. Randleff-Rasmussen and D. Pin

Successful medical treatment of an Aspergillus terreus mycetoma of the nostril/lip in a 16-year-old Fjord pony gelding with pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction” by P.K. Randleff-Rasmussen, M. Mosca, F. Knoerr, D. Pin and I. Desjardin

Veterinary Research Communications

Development of a clinical prediction score for detection of suspected cases of equine grass sickness (dysautonomia) in France” by P.K. Randleff‑Rasmussen, A. Leblond, J. Cappelle, J. Bontemps, S. Belluco, M.R. Popoff, C. Marcillaud‑Pitel, J. Tapprest, P. Tritz and I. Desjardins

Veterinary Surgery

Comparative efficacy of three antiseptics as surgical skin preparations in dogs” by C. Boucher, M.M. Henton, P.J. Becker, R.M. Kirberger and M.J. Hartman

Vet Record Case Reports

Femur fracture repair of a tiger cub (Panthera tigris tigris) suffering from nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism and osteopenia” by C. Boucher and G. Zeiler